About Faithful Fathers

Faithful Fathers is an open, self-organizing fraternity of Catholic fathers who commit themselves to daily prayer, regular study of revealed Truth, and regularly meet with other faithful Catholics to build each other up in the Faith.

It was founded on 2 January 2017 by J. Ambrose Little as a lay Dominican apostolate with the conviction that by helping dads to grow in their faith, they will, by nature of their vocation as fathers and husbands, build faithful families as the foundation of a faithful society.


As a lay Dominican apostolate, Faithful Fathers is inspired by and is an expression of Dominican spirituality, which is characterized by the so-called “four pillars”:

  1. Prayer – daily individual prayer, with special preference for the Rosary, the Liturgy of the Hours, and attending mass as often as possible.
  2. Study – regular study of revealed Truth in Holy Scripture and Magisterial documents, which may be supplemented by study guides and other materials true to the Faith.
  3. Community – regular meeting, chiefly ordered towards discussion/sharing and exhortation centered on our common study.
  4. Apostolate – for Dominicans, this is more open-ended, but for Faithful Fathers, we are taking as our mission the sanctification of our families. Our prayer and study in community is oriented specifically to this purpose.


You don’t have to be an academic or even academically inclined to benefit from study. At its heart, the purpose of our study is to grow closer to God. God created us as rational creatures, endowing us with not only the capacity to learn but an innate disposition and desire to know Him to the fullest extent that our nature allows.

Our study must always be joined with prayer–this is the key to keeping study humble and fruitful towards eternal life. We don’t study simply to increase our knowledge. Rather, as any professional can tell you, the more you learn and practice your profession, the more effective you become, so we study and pray to become ever more effective Christians, fathers, and husbands.


This is a new organization, and we don’t yet have official ecclesiastical recognition. If you want to and can help with that, let us know.

For what it’s worth, this organization was founded and is run by Mr. Ambrose Little, O.P., a lay Dominican in the Province of St. Joseph, a parishioner of St. Catherine Labouré, Copperhill, TN in the Diocese of Knoxville, USA. If you have any concerns, feel free to ask.

In any case, you should still be able to get going with a group on your own with fellow Catholic fathers and/or with your local parish by talking to your pastor.


The best way is to find a local group and talk to your group leader. You can also contact us, take a read through our posts here, or check our Facebook page.