Initially we’ll catalog our resources on this page. If we find we outgrow it, we’ll figure out what to do then. In the meantime, you can use CTRL+F (Windows) or CMD+F (Mac) to search the page for specific interests.

By all means, please do suggest resources!

Our Blog

Our blog is our primary tool to publish ongoing updates and resources. We will use it to highlight new resources, offer meditations/reflections, and of course to announce news pertinent to Faithful Fathers. We recommend subscribing, following our Facebook page, and/or our Twitter account.

Study Resources

We are fleshing out some possible sections as potential curricula here to give people ideas to suggest resources. If you can collaborate on the curricula, please let me know!


  • Ascension Press – a variety of professionally produced group study programs.

How to Study Together

Resources to help group leaders lead their study-prayer groups.

The Virtues

Expounding the theological and cardinal virtues and how to apply and live them.


Studying Scripture

How to study Scripture faithfully in the Tradition of the Church, as well as study guides


How to Pray

Resources for learning different ways to pray.

The Lord’s Prayer

The most perfect prayer taught us by our Lord.


The corporate prayer of the Church.

Contemplative Prayer

It’s not just for monks and nuns!



Learning about faithful Catholic understanding of sexuality and chastity.



Resources specifically focused on fatherhood and faithful Catholic parenting.



Catechism-based study guides and complementary resources.



Reference/general resources. This section could get huge, so I’ll have to curate carefully.

  • Catholic Encyclopedia – oldie but goodie. Published 1917 but largely still relevant and one of the best resources for learning about almost anything Catholic from a reliable source.
  • Summa Theologiae – when in doubt, go to St. Thomas Aquinas! The format and language takes getting used to, but he isn’t considered one of the most influential Catholic theologians for nothing!
  • Vatican Website – doesn’t get much more official than this. I always prefer getting official Church documents here.
  • Searchable Catechism – a great way to find what you’re looking for in the Catechism.

Searching Tip: In the Google searchbox, you can use “ search terms here” to limit search results to specific sites and areas of sites.

For instance: prayer – searches the summa for all instances of the word “prayer” so that you can see what Thomas says about that.


Prayer Resources

Liturgy of the Hours

Helps for praying the Divine Office, a.k.a., the Liturgy of the Hours.

  • Amazon LotH Prayer Book List – The four volume set is if you want to be able to pray the full office–all seven hours. “Christian Prayer” is the best option if you want middle-ground option that can grow with you should you choose to join an Order like the lay Dominicans. “Shorter Christian Prayer” is the entry-level basics option that has the psalter and morning and evening prayer. There are large type options of each.
  • Online Options – Unfortunately, has had to suspend service to new members while they work on permissions issues. iBreviary is a great next choice and also has mobile apps. Universalis is another good option.
  • How to Pray the LotH – a decent overview. We recommend starting with either morning or evening prayer, whichever works best for you.
  • Magnificat – inspired by the LotH. Many folks like this. It can be a good starter option, but we do recommend praying the “real” Office if you can.

Rosary Resources

Meditation aids and guides to help praying the Rosary.

  • Dominican Rosary – Sorry, couldn’t help myself. It’s slightly different from the “normal” rosary, but you may find you like it, even if you’re not a Dominican.

Daily Devotionals

Devotionals that lead one into prayer or prayerfulness.

  • My Meditations on St. Paul – an incredible bite-sized devotional that brings the journey and ministry of St. Paul to life with a meditation, story, and prayer each day.

Lectio Divina

Resources to help pray Lectio Divina.