Start a Group

Faithful Fathers groups are largely self-organized. In fact, if you just want to start one on your own, go right ahead! All the resources, spiritual, and online support are here for you.

However, if you want to become a registered group, there’s a little more to it.


The main benefit of registering is findability–we will list you on our Find a Group page.

In the future, we may offer other benefits, but that’s the main deal for now. Also, you might get a warm fuzzy feeling for knowing that you are officially supporting the expansion of this apostolate. It might also give your members warm fuzzies. 🙂


  1. Contact us to let us know your intent to start a group, including the locality and/or study focus as well as the group leader(s). Tell us a little bit about your background and why you want to start a group.
  2. As the group leader(s), obtain a letter from your Catholic parish priest that you are a registered parishioner in good standing. The letter should state the parish and diocese information/be on official letterhead if available.
  3. Send the above, along with the primary group leader/contact to list on the site, to Faithful Fathers at the address you get from us after discussing your intent to register.  On our site, you must list at least an email. Phone is also nice if your group is not strictly online. If you’re setting up an online group, provide the link for that.

Once we verify your info, and nothing else withstanding, we will add you to the list. Faithful Fathers reserves the right to deny registration based on its best judgment. We will notify you should that be the case.


In the interests of keeping our group list up to date, we ask that you contact us each year after your initial registration to confirm the information is the same or to update it. If the registered group leader changes, we need a letter of transfer from the old leader to the new, as well as a letter for the new leader from the parish priest as above. We reserve the right to remove old listings that are not confirmed for more than a year.

If you need to remove your listing, the registered group leader should contact us to let us know to remove it.